Ace Carroway? That’s my 1920s action adventure book series!

The adventure novellas launch in November 2017 with ACE CARROWAY AND THE GREAT WAR. They continue in April 2018 with ACE CARROWAY AROUND THE WORLD. Then comes ACE CARROWAY AND THE HANDSOME DEVIL and ACE CARROWAY AND THE GROWLING DEATH.

Accomplished ace pilot, surgeon, and crime fighter Cecilia Carroway travels the world with her five associates

  • Bert – Hubert Ewing Devery Christopher Bostock III – a dapper smooth talker with a hot temper. Easily distracted by a pretty ankle.
  • Quack – Boxnard Warburton Snana – a blond actor and master of disguises. His psychology training helps him irritate Bert.
  • Gooper – Phileas Locknard – a broad, hulking London East-ender with pale skin and red mustache. He loves biology, rugby, and big words.
  • Tombstone – Gregory Jamison – a bony, tall Texan. His skill with electricity rivals his skill as a sharpshooter.
  • Sam – Sam Raia Biming – a short, round scholar who seldom misses a detail. He blushes to admit his fisticuffs abilities.

In ACE CARROWAY AND THE GREAT WAR, Ace is shot down behind enemy lines. She meets five fellow prisoners of war who will later become her crime fighting associates. Jailbreak is only the first of the trials they face as they blaze a perilous path to freedom.

In ACE CARROWAY AROUND THE WORLD, cynical cop Drew Lucy investigates the Grant Carroway murder. Grant’s daughter Cecilia thinks the hit was masterminded by a Great War tyrant she remembers killing. Is the shadowy Darko Dor still alive?

The Ace Tracker is the page that lists what’s available and where.


Ace’s personal creed: 

  • I am the cat.
  • I can feel the sun.
  • We are one.

Good advice from Ace:

  • When changing altitude rapidly, chew gum.
  • Plans change.
  • Knowing beats faking.

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