OTHERWORLDS Short Fiction Anthology

Westing Press short fiction contest. Entries close September 30, 2018

  • 300 – 7500 words
  • Fiction that highlights the concept of “otherness” in sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, or realistic genres.
  • Clean, please. G to PG13 rating, but bring on the struggle, agony, and conflict.
  • No entry fee, no prize except inclusion in the anthology. All-volunteer operation. Anthology to be priced at no-royalties levels.
  • Small pool of authors! Intended to highlight area writers.


Submission notes:

  • Attach Word file to email: otherworlds.anthology (at) gmail
  • Include contact info in body of email, including web site or blog. The web sites will be published in the anthology.
  • Include a 50-word professional biographical statement in the body of the email.
  • Use 11 point Garamond font, 1.5 line spacing, no fancy typesetting. Entries should be fully edited and ready for publication when they are submitted.
  • Early submissions (before 1 September), if rejected, will be returned with a brief, constructive critique.
  • Your editors: Guy (guyworthey.net) and Sonya (sonyabramwellbooks.com).


  • If my story has previously been published, can I still enter it? A: Yes, with the proviso that whoever it’s previously published with does not have an exclusive contract with you, the copyright holder. In the fine print of such a contract, it should say.
  • Can I submit two stories? A: Yes, with a couple of provisos. (1) Even if you submit them early, we’re not going to be able to tell you if either one has been accepted until after the closing date. (2) We’ll only accept both if they are both terrific and if we have space. And we won’t know if we have space until a week or two after the closing date.

News on publication:

We had a submission deadline of June 29, but we need more stories. Our new deadline is September 30, 2018. Loosely, we want authors within 100 miles of the Moscow/Pullman area. Spread the word, please! We know we have sufficient talent in the inland northwest to fill many volumes.

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