Current status of the Ace Carroway series:

My books are available at The Book People of Moscow.

Ace Carroway and the Great War. Ace is shot down behind enemy lines. Can she escape? A quintet of fellow POWs might help. Drafted. Edited. Published: Paperback or ebooks (Nook, Kobo, Tolino, Apple, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Angus & Robertson, or Indigo) click here. <– Tip: Ace Carroway and the Great War is a dollar cheaper here than on Amazon Kindle.
Ace Carroway Around the World. Ace’s father is murdered. Lt. Drew Lucy’s on the case, but Ace is prime suspect. Drafted. Edited. Published: Paperback or ebook.
Ace Carroway and the Handsome Devil. Ace is wooed by a pair of dashing competitors. Don’t fall for it, Ace! It’s a trap! Drafted. Edited. Published: Paperback or ebook.
Ace Carroway and the Growling Death. An actress comes to Ace with a sea captain’s pipe and a lie. As an eerie growl sounds, the actress is kidnapped. Ace springs into action in a race against time, pirates, and volcanic lava. Drafted. (Click over to contact me and introduce yourself if you would like to be an early reader. You get a free early copy, but please leave a review after the book goes live.)
Ace Carroway and the Midnight Scream. A nerve-shattering scream and splashed blood startle Stonehenge druids, witches, and tourists. Sam the archaeologist is left holding a solid gold ankh in the style of ancient Egypt, but recently made. By the time Ace arrives, however, Sam has vanished. Drafted.
Ace Carroway and the Deadly Violin. A violinist comes to Ace haunted and trembling. His violin may shortly kill him, he says, just like its last several owners, all of whom died in grisly ways. Drafted.