Current status of the Ace Carroway series:

Ace is available at The Book People of Moscow.


Ace Carroway and the Great War. Ace is shot down behind enemy lines. Can she escape? A quintet of fellow POWs might help. Published: Paperback or ebooks (Nook, Kobo, Tolino, Apple, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Angus & Robertson, or Indigo) click here. <– Tip: Ace Carroway and the Great War is a dollar cheaper here than on Amazon Kindle.
Ace Carroway Around the World. Ace’s father is murdered. Lt. Drew Lucy’s on the case, but Ace is prime suspect. Published: Paperback or ebook.

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Ace Carroway and the Handsome Devil. Ace is wooed by a pair of dashing competitors. Don’t fall for it, Ace! It’s a trap! Published: Paperback or ebook.

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Ace Carroway and the Growling Death. An actress comes to Ace with a sea captain’s pipe and a lie. As an eerie growl sounds, the actress is kidnapped. Ace springs into action in a race against time, pirates, and volcanic lava. Nifty video trailer.

Published. Paperback or Kindle


Ace Carroway and the Midnight Scream. A nerve-shattering scream and splashed blood startle Stonehenge druids, witches, and tourists. Sam the archaeologist is left holding a solid gold ankh in the style of ancient Egypt, but recently made. By the time Ace arrives, however, Sam has vanished. Editing.
Ace Carroway and the Deadly Violin. A violinist comes to Ace haunted and trembling. His violin may shortly kill him, he says, just like its last several owners, all of whom died in grisly ways. Drafted.
Ace Carroway and the Ghost Liner. Bert sails the inside passage and sees a silent-running ship through fog. The next day, he disappears, and it’s Ace & Co. to the rescue. Drafted.