The upcoming fantasy novel “The Spires of Karrendale,” coauthored with Dana Berry, is at the beta reading stage. It is set on the world of Toloth, where three moons dance in stately grace among the billowing filaments of the Ballgown nebula.

Sixteen year old Vossla Aranel is sent home from the magic academy of Arboria. She is a magical dud. Her lifelong yearning to be able to wield magic like her friends and family is crushed at last. She will not be able to marry because Family bloodlines must remain undiluted and magical.

Vossla is not the dud she thinks she is, but neither is she an ordinary wielder of one of the seven varieties of magic practiced by the magical Families. Vossla is suddenly infamous in Arboria. She is a rare carrier of the ominous Eighth Magic whose coming is said to bring doom to all the world. Marked for death, she is hunted by the righteous Protectorate, the selfish, ghoulish Connoisseurs of Life, and vicious, monstrous Mozatauri.

Vossla’s scrawny chum Grig will help if he can, but what motivates the cantankerous and secretive Lady Rookshaw or the dashing and accommodating Blaise or the brooding and dangerous agent Haydon? Vossla flees Arboria, the familiar country of her birth, and travels amid danger, betrayal, and self-discovery. Finally, her widened vision fills with the gravity-defying glassy spires of the long-abandoned city of Karrendale. In the vitreous reflections of the spires she glimpses her own heritage and a wavery image of her destiny, should she have the courage to pursue it.


Naturally, I will post updates on the publishing process in this blog as they occur.

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